Santa_ClausI always tell everyone to be kind to each other. Here I’ll tell you how I see kindness, and how everybody can be kind in their daily life. Kindness can also be called friendliness or politeness, considering and respecting other people. One important form of kindness is charity and helping.

In everyday life there are countless situations where you can help someone else, to be nice. I consider best thing in helping is that it is unselfish. When you help another person you don’t expect concrete benefits like money. When helping others you can get something much better and more useful to you too, you feel good. Then you can spread that good feeling around, and more people end up in a good mood. Your day will be happier and you can do your daily chores cheerfully.

We can’t live just for ourselves, every good deed can generate thousand new good deeds. There’s no limit in how many good deeds can fit into world, and they wouldn’t hurt anyone. One single bad deed can poison a mind and hurt.

When someone helps you, always remember to thank them. At the same time you can think how you yourself can help and keep goodness coming around.

With elves we’ve thought about different situations where we can help other people. Especially we’ve considered children and elderly, and such people who can’t manage the daily grind as well as we.

Merry Christmas,
Santa Claus